Learn The Fastest Way To Master The Entire Fretboard And Solo Like A Badass So That You Never Feel Stuck Again 

Learn how to solo over any chord in any key and sound amazing… even if you think you lack time, talent, or fretboard knowledge

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or bored with your lead guitar playing, this course will re-ignite your passion immediately

How long have you been playing the same old stuff over and over again with NO end in sight

Does this sound like you?

You have been at the same level you are at right now for YEARS.  

Every time you play to a jam track or jam with some buddies, you seem to go right to your comfort zone.

All of your sound the samesame box, same licks, and it makes you want to just hang up the guitar for good.  

Your youtube playlist has a bunch of saved videos that you don't watch because you're lost trying to navigate it by yourself, hoping to stumble on that one magic video that makes it all click. 

You've seen other guitar players  solo up and down the fretboard with "endless" creativity, yet you can't seem to put it together.  

Maybe you try to steal some licks from your favorite players but you end up coming right back to your comfort zone.

Maybe you've taken some lessons here or there with a teacher but the best answer they could give you is "well you just have to practice."  This drives you insane because you already practice, but you don't see any results.

So this leads you back to the internet, and you think, maybe I need to learn music theory, maybe I need to learn this, and all this "maybe" stuff just causes you to noodle for hours on end, reinforcing the same old habits and licks you've always played.

All the while, that little voice keeps saying, maybe you just don't have it, and it keeps telling you to just hang up the guitar for good.

3 Bad Guitar Playing Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

1.  Have to be born with talent

It is true that some people have innate talent for music, but it's because of skillsets that developed while very young.  It's like learning a language, you didn't PRACTICE speaking, you just did it, with experts every single day.  You jammed with the pros all the time until speaking became an effortless skill.  Music can be that way too if you focus on training the right skills in the right order.  Up until now, you didn't know you needed to do that!

2. Have to practice for hours and hours for years and years.

Practicing the wrong thing for hours and hours and years, simply makes you good at the wrong things.  Learning how to practice, in the correct order, with the right application will massively accelerate your learning curve and get you off the dead end path you feel stuck on right now.

3. Have to learn tons of boring music theory

If you want to be able to expand your guitar playing, you need to teach your ear to hear specific sounds and be able to identify them. Music theory is simply the words we use to describe predictable sounds that can be replicated over and over again so that you can add more variety to your guitar playing.  However, learning the RIGHT theory so you can instantly apply it is the fast track to success.

Imagine a super fun, easy system that shows you exactly what to do daily so that in 30 days or less, you are soloing around the entire fretboard.

Introducing the
"Ultimate Pentatonic Shortcut"
How to Effortlessly Solo Using the 3-D Scale System

If you want to impress your friends when you jam or finally get the confidence to rip a solo at the local jam session or open mic night, keep reading.

The Ultimate Pentatonic Shortcut is a system I created to help my students accelerate their ability to solo across the entire fretboard in any direction, any key, over any chord using the most versatile scale on guitar. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The course is designed to take from you knowing nothing about lead guitar or being totally stuck to being able to freely solo up and down the entire guitar in any key, starting in any position and play in any direction.  The course can be absorbed at your own pace. Most students see a leap in their playing the first week.  

Lifetime Access To The Course (Plus All Future Updates Free)

Get Access To Entire System all at once so you can dive right into the course and begin accelerating your playing right away.

This course will continue to grow overtime and you'l have access to every update no extra charge for life.

TAB + Practice Recordings + Guitar Pro Files + Backing Tracks

Exact practice exercises and recordings to play along to so you know EXACTLY what to practice and how to practice the material in each video.  It's highly recommended you get Guitar Pro on mobile for more effective practice sessions.

Accelerate Learning Away From The Guitar With Fretboard Diagrams

Continue mastering this course away from the guitar with the fill in the blank fretboard diagrams that help you practice the course AWAY FROM THE GUITAR.

Quizzes on each module so you retain the knowledge

Make sure you've fully absorbed all the material you need in each module with the easy to follow quizzes that test your knowledge.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Robert Spencer

" I can not believe how fast and how much this one course has changed my playing"

I love using Pentatonic shortcut system and i've noticed a big improvement in my knowledge and skills in playing the blues.

I can not believe how fast and how much this one course has changed my playing.

I look forward to taking and learning more from future courses.

Thank you so much. I highly recommend it.

Kirk Olson

"This system has saved me so much time in the learning process"

Josh’s Pentatonic shortcut system REALLY is as easy as 1, 2,3,4,5!  

How I wanted to sound as I played had been restricted by my knowledge of the fretboard by other methods. 

This system has saved me so much time in the learning process which in turn creates more time for practicing and applying the knowledge to my playing.

Thanks Josh, you unlocked the musicians in this guitar player!"

Stephen Koehler

"I found the course very easy to follow and was successful learning from it."

The format of the course broke the information down in a way that was easy to absorb and to understand.  By following the system I am now able to utilize the entire fretboard and was able to get out of the 2 boxes I was stuck in.  

I highly recommend this course, stop searching, this is by far the best system I've ever found. I started playing guitar in my late fifties and am always looking for inspiration on my endless journey.

What's In This Course?


Module 1: The Puzzle Pieces

This ONE module will totally open up the entire fretboard for you whether you're a total beginner or a seasoned pro.  The foundation of this course is built upon on this module and you will immediately utilize the fretboard in a way you never thought possible.


Module 2: Breaking Free- Horizontal Training

Using the material in module 1, you will learn the secret trick to  create long pentatonic lines from the lowest frets all the way up the entire fretboard to the highest frets on any pair of strings. No getting stuck in boxes here!


Module 3: Fresh Perspective- Vertical training

Using the material in Module 1, we will revisit (or learn) the pentatonic boxes in a new way so that you are able to visually fill in the blank and solo vertically across the strings with ease.


Module 4: Total Pentatonic Freedom- Diagonal Training

You will connect the finally piece which will you allow you to solo up and down 3 and 4 octave pentatonic shapes so that you can travel HUGE distances across the fretboard and play amazing pentatonic runs that look and sound awesome!

About The Teacher,
Josh Beetler

Josh Beetler has trained hundreds of guitar players from total beginner up to seasoned pro.  He specializes in helping guitar players rapidly accelerate their fretboard knowledge and lead guitar technique so they can achieve the level of playing they always desired and overcome limitations.

He also has performed in just about every musical setting from solo acoustic act, jazz trio, wedding band, metal band and more.

Here’s what my students are saying

Scott Jardin

To anyone like me who in the past has taken, or who has attempted to take, guitar lessons with other providers, or who has tried, with tepid results, to "self-teach" solely with audio-visual aids, who has felt the pangs of disappointment and gnawing self-doubt along the way, listen well: Josh's talent, compassion, and incisive pedagogy will lead you to a new and distinct level of guitar learning and musicianship-building.

Eddie Dillon

You can teach old dogs new tricks! I'm learning something new every week and Josh has inspired me to rehearse like I haven't done since high school! Thanks, teach!!!  

Charlie Jolin

Josh has been instrumental in helping me with my new hobby. I was frustrated and stuck but in a short amount of time, Josh was able to help me see progress and breakthrough obstacles I didn't think I could. He has a very calming and easy going presence about him and shows a true interest in helping you be a better guitarist.

Gain back years of lost time and finally play the guitar the way you always wanted

You can keep wasting hours on youtube, trying to figure it out alone, but this method lacks any way of tracking progress or even knowing if you're making any progress at all.  

Overwhelm and confusion set in and you're left without any will to pick up the guitar because you simply don't know what you don't know and you feel it's all a waste of time.

Studying with a local teacher on an hourly basis could take you up to 1 year or more if the teacher actually knows how to train you (Hint: most don't)

The average music lesson is $60/hr x 52 lessons/year is $3,120/year.  

Do you really want to spend an entire year and $3,120 to MAYBE get the result you want? 

Or would you rather have a proven simple step by step system taught by a professional instructor with personalized training and finally GET IT.

Is there any reason you wouldn't want a step by step system laid out for you?

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Let me tell you a story...

I've had dozens of students over the years that came back to guitar after a long break. Most of them stopped because they just got bored, lost, or confused about what they could do to find that next spark in their playing.

They wanted to feel excited again, and wanted quick wins at the same time.  They weren't confident in their ability to grow or improve because they were lost.

I've also had beginner students who had high aspirations to be able to play cool guitar solos and learn the fretboard but low confidence because it just seemed so daunting and confusing.

When I zoomed out from my own guitar playing, I noticed that 5 little patterns were dominating my entire fretboard ability and I could use them EVERYWHERE in EVERY KEY.  Now I could already solo around the guitar, but had I learned this way, I would've saved YEARS of confusion and frustration.

So when I started showing this method to my students, the results were amazing.

Don’t wait! Look at what my students have to say about this course

Jason Clegg

"The system makes it easy to learn in simple steps achievable goals that stack on one another."

"Took lessons years ago to get started, have been playing on my own since them with little to show for it.  Since using Pentatonic shortcut system I've noticed massive improvement in my skill, muscle memory, and feel for the fretboard.  

Best thing I can say is that it gives you the skills and understanding of the guitar so you can use it to fit your desired style/sound, not just regurgitate riffs, licks, and scales.  I have only been using the system for a couple of months and my playing has already been taken to another level.  If you want to understand what you're playing, how it all comes together, this is the system for you!"

Justin Knopf

"Don't wait, just work the system and you will see the results!"

"Before I started going to lessons with Josh I was severely lacking motivation to play, I felt like I was not improving. Since picking up the course two weeks ago, I have noticed a ton of improvement in my technique, improvisation, and usage of pentatonic scales. 

The excitement of not just memorizing scales, but actually learning the inner workings of the pentatonic shortcut has kept me engaged and interested in what I am doing. This course is a 100% must buy if you want to improve at guitar!

Zach Lerner

"This system has made things so much easier for me."

After a long time of playing pentatonic scales, I found myself unable to move to new places and connections on the fretboard. It felt like I was trapped to one little box on the guitar. 

I’ve been using the pentatonic shortcut system and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my ability to explore the fretboard and break free of this creative box. 

I can now play pentatonic scales anywhere on the guitar, and I have only been using this course for a couple of weeks!

If you are interested in a quick and easy way to discover amazing new connections on the fretboard, this course is perfect for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to practice many hours every day to use this system?

Is this the CAGED system?

Do you need to understand music theory for this course?

What styles of music is this course designed for?

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The ultimate pentatonic shortcut 

Effortlessly Solo On Guitar Using The 3-D Pentatonic Scale Training System

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You have what it takes

This system will 100% work for you if you are committed to putting in the time and ultimately achieving your guitar playing goals.  I believe in you and want you to believe in yourself.  Let's unlock your playing and take it to a new level! 

-Josh Beetler