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Now that you have more time to devote to things you love, let's put you on the fast track to soloing and jamming on the guitar the way you've always desired.

This site is for you if you want to:

  • Feel confident jamming with friends and backing tracks
  • Impress yourself and others with your guitar mastery
  • Understand and use the entire fretboard
  • Develop the ability to play in many styles of music

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About Josh Beetler.

Josh Beetler is a professional guitarist and guitar trainer who specializes in rapidly advancing the skills of guitar players who wish to use the entire guitar to create solos, jam with friends, write songs, and expand their mastery of the instrument.  He has gigged in every setting from large venue to coffee shop to giant functions and weddings.  His expertise on the guitar allows him to play and jam in any style of music with confidence and his goal is to help his students unlock their innate abilities to do the same.