Are you Totally stuck trying to learn the fretboard?

Most guitar players lose motivation and desire to play because they:

  • Can't put it all together on their own
  • Practice with no plan or structure so they go nowhere fast in their playing
  • Spend endless hours on youtube and  courses that don't work for them.
  • Get stuck playing the same licks, chords, and box shapes

Josh has helped hundreds of guitar players accelerate their fretboard knowledge, guitar technique, musical ear and musical confidence over the last 15 years.

Josh Beetler

How can Josh help me?

There are 3 things that all stuck guitar players need to accelerate their progress and build confidence in their playing.

4-D Fretboard Training Method

There's a lot to learn on guitar, but there's a lot you don't need to learn as well.  Learn the right things in the right order and unlock the fretboard with this powerful training method.

Customized Strategy

Because YOU as a guitar player have certain skills, you need a custom strategy to fill in gaps, strengthen weaknesses, and tie together what you already know with new concepts you will learn.

Deliberate Practice Training and Feedback

Now that you have a customized strategy that follows the fastest path to success, you will need someone to coach, guide, and push you forward so that you avoid plateaus in your progress.